Corporate Wellness Consultant Bio

For a little more than 15 years, I have worked in Corporate America in the Information Technology Field. Before eventually shedding my skin as an “I.T. guy”, I was a Voice Engineer managing a 50,000+ user, International network here and in the Philipines.
…and took great pride in maintaining a track record of excellence in efficiency at every company I found myself. The deeper I went into the IT field, the less I felt my life’s purpose being fulfilled…the less I felt my “calling”.

The overlap for the period of me transitioning from IT, over to Health & Wellness, began in 2006, when I stumbled upon what I thought would simply be a hobby…Yoga. In my mind for years, yoga was just that…a hobby. However in a season of very challenging times for me physically, mentally, & emotionally, and having nothing or no one else to turn to, I found my yoga practices helping me to deal with physical, mental, and emotional injuries i’d incurred in life. Not just deal with these injuries, but yoga seems to further escalate them to a place where I am no longer effected by them, and in some cases ridding them of my life completely. Although I didn’t have the words to express them all, yoga addressed them all…and to this day, continues to elevate the greatest qualities of my complete self to the surface.

       Through a series of events that perhaps a movie about it would best describe, I found my calling. It had been whispering in my ear for years, but i didn’t recognize it until 2015 after roughly 8 months of teaching yoga 6 days per week, I awakened to the natural, and unique qualities about me that would make me a great help to so many of my peers that work/live in a sometimes, high-stress environment.

       I am now in the midst of a now, 10 year practice of maintaining a vegan diet, 12 year Yoga practice, with over 10,000 hours of instruction. Certified Reiki practicioner, and now in my new role; I re-enter Corporate America with a rich understanding of a myriad of yoga-based practices that will add value to any company by adding value to the lives of the individuals that run that company. I’d love to have a consult with you to discuss your company’s mission, where you are currently, and how my services can help you along further. Of course, any other general or specific ideas you’d like to discuss are welcomed.

Thank You!